Double or Nothin’

About an hour after I collected yesterday’s swarm it was back up on the fence. *sigh*  I think when I dumped the bucket into the hive, the queen had a chance to get out and everyone followed.    So, I donned my gear again and swept those bugs with the bee brush four or five times.  While a swarm of bees is typically very docile, by this point they were really upset with me and that darn bee brush.  I figured if I didn’t have the queen I wasn’t going to get her.  A nice sting to the wrist sealed the deal.  I was done.  Bees or no bees.

I was so fed up with the bees by the afternoon that I didn’t even want to look at them. Fortunately, my youngest son played bee-spy for me and peeked through the neighbor’s fence on his way to the mailbox.  He came running back in the house to announce that there weren’t bees on the fence anymore because they were all in the box. Whew!

After it started to get dark, my husband helped me carry the hive back over to our yard. He doesn’t have his own set of protective gear and he still carried that hive like a champ.  I love that guy!

This morning the bees are busy setting up their new digs.

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