Productive queen?

The bees were very active a few days ago, probably because it was so hot, but things have slowed down recently.  So much so that I figured I should check on them sooner rather than later.
photo 2

The bees were very mellow and gentle this morning and the queen wasn’t too hard to find.  Looking big & beautiful–but I definitely wasn’t finding the brood I thought she should have been laying, particularly since she had lots of open comb to use.  It looks like she has only been laying in the new comb they’ve built and none of the old stuff I gave up my freezer to overwinter…..  It has been a week and I would guess I only saw 30-40 larvae.  Nothing capped, yet, but maybe by Monday (larvae are capped on day 9)  Weird.  With a swarm I’d expect a lot more,  but maybe not if she’s only laying in the newly built comb.  Hopefully she’ll expand her horizons, soon.

photo 1

I also found a lot of detritus in the bottom of the hive where the workers have been cleaning up the old comb.  It looks great and they certainly took care of the spots of mold from the last colony.

Here’s hoping that they’re all strong and healthy and just taking their time moving in.

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