Hmph.  Damn bees.  I was just wondering why you were bearding on the back of the hive so thickly today when it’s not even that hot out.  I was trying to figure out how to help you cool off or have more room in the hive or something.  Just looking with my eyes–NOT touching the hive at all.  Somehow that meant one of you needed to land on the back of my neck and crawl into my hair.  Then start buzzing around to both sides of my head. Seriously, I have never had a bee chase me out of the yard before.  To the back door, maybe, but all the way out of the fence and around to the front of the house?  Geez!  And then she stung me. In the head. So unnecessary you cranky bitch. *sigh*  

I hope I don’t look like Quasimodo tomorrow.  I tend to swell pretty heavily–often as large as a salad plate–around the site of the sting.  That means this one could potentially reach to my left eyebrow. *double sigh*


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One Response to Nine

  1. Steph Sass says:

    Amanda! I love this post!

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